Seedlip Drinks

The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits, solving the dilemma of ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’...

Served in some of the best restaurants, bars and hotels in the world, Seedlip is inspired by The Art of Distillation, a book written in 1651 detailing apothecaries’ distilled non-alcoholic herbal remedies now re-imagined to meet a modern need. Served with tonics or in non-alcoholic cocktails.

At The Festival

Visit the Seedlip stand at Taste of London to discover their two unique products:

SEEDLIP Spice 94 – an aromatic & complex blend of all spice berry, cardamom, bark & citrus peel distillates.

SEEDLIP Garden 108 – a herbal & floral blend of hand-picked peas & homegrown hay with traditional plant distillates in celebration of the English countryside.

Both served with tonic for an adult & sophisticated alternative.