Woza Biltong & Charcuterie


Woza produces premium South African inspired charcuterie from British ingredients, and specialise in making biltong, a cured, spiced and air-dried beef or venison.

Woza’s award-winning ‘British’ biltong is made to order and served soft and moist, using ingredients that are sourced with a priority on quality, locality and ethical production. Their beef and wild venison are West Country certified and use Cornish sea salt and apple cider vinegar in the cure.

In addition to Woza’s biltong tasting great, it is also good for you! The biltong is high in protein, low in fat and free from artificial preservatives/nitrates, refined sugars and gluten. bWoza aim to show the UK that South African style charcuterie is as good as any other when done properly!

Woza are bringing three established biltong flavours to Taste plus launching a fourth, Peri Peri biltong! Head to their stand at Taste of London to sample and purchase the following delicious flavours:

ORIGINAL BEEF a traditionally spiced beef biltong seasoned with a classic toasted coriander seed and pepper spice mix

CAPE CINNAMON a unique Cape-inspired beef biltong that has been created for more adventurous palates, spiced with hints of cinnamon and star anise. Originally intended to be a Christmas special, this biltong has proved to be so popular it’s now available all year round and was awarded 2 stars in the 2017 Great Taste awards!

WILD VENISON this luxurious biltong made from West Country wild venison packs a meaty punch and fast became a Woza customer favourite. The Wild Venison biltong was also runner-up in the 2017 Great British Food Awards and won 1 start in the 2017 Great Taste awards!

PERI PERI a new spicy beef biltong that will debut at Taste of London, which packs a complex flavour and slow, pleasing chilli burn!

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