Vinegar Shed


Vinegar Shed imports exclusive small-batch artisan vinegars, speciality oils, Greek herbs, rare global spices and peppercorns, plus other pantry products.

Born out of a love of vinegar and other elemental cooking ingredients (such as oils, herbs and spices to name just a few of our staples), Vinegar Shed is a new fine food business devoted to bringing some of the world’s most interesting, organic or artisan and exclusive foodstuffs to your kitchen.

Founder Andy Harris began making his own artisan production of vinegar in his garden shed 5 years ago. He has found that unpasteurised vinegar is an inspirational ingredient that enhances countless recipes in his kitchen, using it in all kinds of salads, sauces, stews, pickles, and puddings.

As a food and travel writer, well-known magazine editor and excellent cook, Andy has tasted many of the world’s most interesting vinegars on his culinary travels over the years. Visiting the best balsamic producers in Modena, the finest sherry vinegar makers of Spain and France’s regional artisan wine and cider vinegar producers on his culinary tours.

After many years of vinegar collection and experimentation, he has now launched Vinegar Shed, his own carefully curated selection of the world’s best vinegars.

Andy now travels regularly around Europe and further afield to find passionate artisans making very special small-batch products – all are guaranteed to add some amazing flavour and excitement to your everyday cooking – including many ingredients that have never been seen in the UK before.

Since launching Vinegar Shed earlier this year, Andy Harris has begun to transform our knowledge and use of vinegars – top chefs like Jamie Oliver, Jeremy Lee, Mitch Tonks, Nathan Outlaw, Pascal Aussignac and Stephane Reynaud are all using the vinegars in their kitchens.

Come and taste some amazing Vinegar Shed products at the festive edition of Taste of London, before you buy and we hope you too will be joining our vinegar revolution.

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