Soffle’s Pitta Chips

The early days of pitta chip production started in Sophie’s kitchen in Hackney by making pitta chips for friends as a beer accompaniment before dinner. As they were proving so popular she wanted everyone to try, so she stencilled the Soffle design on paper bags and filled up trays walking the streets of East London.

Popping up at private views and music events strapped up with a tray and a money box for donations. For the first couple of years they were made in evenings and weekends while in the day Sophie was working for a art gallery then delivering them across London on her bike any time in between. Step by step production grew from kitchen to a renovated shed then to a local factory. Recently upscaled again they’re excited to bring their pitta chips to you!

Made with FRESH ingredients that is mixed into the dough and then oven roasted with olive oil until crunchy they are perfect with a beer (our favourite ) hummus or just by themselves. Come eat chips and hummus with us at our 3 wheeling pitta

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