Sipsmith is an independent spirits company dedicated to creating exceptional small batch artisan spirits.

An unassuming building in Hammersmith, West London, formerly a micro brewery for a local pub and latterly the offices of Michael Jackson, now houses the 300-litre copper pot still (called Prudence) that produces Sipsmith spirits. Handmade by a small family business that have been making stills since 1869, she is the first independent copper-pot still to launch in London for 190 years.

The Sipsmith team produce genuinely ‘small batch’ spirits – no more than 500 bottles a time, often considerably less. They use the very finest ingredients, including English Barley, carefully selected botanicals. Each stage of the process is carried out with the utmost care and attention, and the distillate that emerges in the spirit safe is truly hand crafted and of uncompromising quality.

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