Come and experience great spirits and liqueurs from Serravinci

SERRAVINCI discovers, imports and sells artisan food and drink from the Le Marche region of Italy.

Serravinci’s¬†flagship product is the sublime cherry wine, Visciolata del Cardinale. a cherry wine combining sour cherries with Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Visciolata now has a fast expanding fan base among top barmen, sommeliers and the public. In restaurants, a glass of Visciolata is a decadent and intriguing conclusion to a meal either alone or accompanied by a chocolate dessert, ice cream or cheese. In bars as an ingredient, Visciolata will transform a cocktail into something special whether it’s a traditional vermouth cocktail or a champagne cocktail, a cobbler or a sour.

Their jars of sour cherries are not like any you will have tasted before -neither sweet nor sour but intensely cherry-ish and flavoursome. Bottled in a thick lush sugar syrup they are entirely natural containing no alcohol, added water, flavourings, aromas, additives etc. They are wonderful poured onto a vanilla ice-cream, yoghurt or meringues with cream.

Serravinci pistachio liqueur is like a liquid pistachio ice-cream but with alcohol. You will adore it! Sipping it you can easily be in Piazza Navona in Rome or on the beach at Sorrento. Drink it neat at the end of a meal or with an ice-cream or pistachio dessert or in a cocktail with perhaps cachaca and fresh lime for a batida or with vanilla vodka.

Other liqueur flavours include watermelon, hazelnut, chocolate and whisky, chocolate and rum, chocolate and amaretto not forgetting everyone’s favourite limoncello. Drink them straight from the bottle on the rocks-delicious!


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