Sarson’s was founded in 1794 by Thomas Sarson, but really flourished under Henry James Sarson, Thomas’ son. Named Sarson’s Virgin Vinegar, it became just Sarson’s in the 1950s. It was sold mainly through greengrocers, initially, alongside fruit and vegetables. By 1913, more than a million gallons a year were brewed.

Brewing Sarson’s is a craft, not a process, and it’s been made the same way since 1794. Sarson’s production method which has been used for over 200 years is what has made Sarson’s so special.

Quality British ingredients are craft brewed for seven days in large, traditional wooden vats – whereas methods for many other malt vinegars typically just take up to 24 hours, in stainless-steel acetators. Sarson’s considers the time taken and these wooden vats a crucial part of its process to allow the flavour to fully develop into the great taste we know and love, contributing to the 15 million bottles of Sarson’s produced every year.

We will showcase both Pickle in 15 Minutes Lightly Seasoned and Pickle in 15 Minutes Mediterranean vinegar blends with an array of delicious vegetables that have been pickled for 15 minutes.

We will be serving delicious bitesize recipes using both variants throughout the day for people to discover the new range and have a flavour of how Pickle in 15 Minutes can transform the taste of your vegetables.

We will be demonstrating how to bring a delicious tangy picked taste to vegetables showcasing Pickle in 15 Minutes with a variety of vegetables. To bring it to life, we will have 3 bitesize nibbles available throughout the day free of charge!

There will also be a chance to buy any of the 2 variants on site for £1. (regular RSP being £1.69)

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