Nonya Secrets

Great Taste Award winning sauces


Food is a national obsession in Singapore. Yet the traditional recipes of Peranakan families are often closely guarded secrets, handed down through generations of female descendants (known as Nonya). Fortunately, we can now all relish the authentic, complex flavours delivered by a range of six distinctively spiced, cooking sauces created by Nonya Secrets.

Established by the former restauranteur, Maureen Suan Neo, Nonya Secrets removes the need for time consuming preparation whilst delivering all the intense, complex flavours that epitomise this South East Asian culinary style. Each 170g jar includes a straightforward recipe suggestion to produce a sensational fresh tasting meal. As one happy customer described, when you taste Nonya Secrets you discover “magic in a jar.”

The mysteries of Peranakan cuisine are revealed as Nonya Secrets founder, Maureen Suan Neo will be freshly preparing a range of South East Asian dishes using her award winning cooking sauces for Taste visitors to sample.

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