New York Delhi

Unique delhi nuts


The New York Delhi Company Ltd: New York delhi style, World delhi taste.
 With old family links to both NYC and India, The New York Delhi Company was formed. They began life as a premium Indian spice company with their range of Magic Spices listed in many top London stores. Their flagship product Magic Masala contains an incredible 15 ingredients. Now , The New York Delhi use those Magic spices to flavour a premium jumbo peanut and their ViPnuts are available in some of the most prestigious places Worldwide from top hotels, bars and more. The ViPnuts are just one of their delicious range of snacks! The New York Delhi can proudly say that all their products are natural, GMO free and suitable for vegetarians.

 Make sure to visit them at Taste try their unique take on one of the planet’s favourite snacks! Available will be: ViPnuts (their premium peanut range), Delicious DC Americanos (coffee beans covered in dark chocolate), the very popular Hot Toffee ViPnuts and more.

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