Natural & Tasty foods of Melek Hotels


Natural & Tasty foods of Melek Hotels are excited to showcase their delicious and range through a series of complimentary tasting sessions at festive edition of Taste of London.

Natural& Tasty Foods of Melek Hotels is a new brand founded under the established brand, Melek Hotels, with the aim to introduce the healthy and tasty food served at Melek Hotels to a wider audience.

Melek Hotels are as passionate about your health as you are, and produce healthy and natural olive oil from Turkey, meticulously wrapped in reusable handmade bottles decorated with unique tiles.

Melek Hotels also produce artisan chocolates using only organic ingredients such as hazelnuts, and with no added sugar, to ensure they are as good for you as they are tasty.

Join Natural & Tasty Foods of Melek Hotels for a series of complimentary masterclasses at Taste of London…

Raki and mezze masterclass

Join Natural & Tasty Foods & Yeni Raki team for a free session on the magical combination of Raki, an aniseed-based traditional Turkish drink and accompanying mezze. These easy recipes will warm your hearts as well as your stomachs! Whether you’re relaxing on a weekday evening after work or entertaining your guests with a Mediterranean breeze on a weekend gathering, the darkest days and nights of winter will be as light as the summer sunshine.

Raki is not just a drink, it is an experience! Let Melek Hotels help you become masters of your own design and have a truly magical experience.

The complimentary raki & mezes masterclass will operate on a first come first served basis. Please register your interest at the Natural & Tasty Foods stand

Chocolate & Tea Tasting

Join Natural & Tasty foods of Melek Hotels for a divine masterclass pairing chocolate and tea! A healthy and heart-warming alternative to caffeine, these natural teas and no sugar added chocolates will prove that healthy food can also be tasty!

The selection of herbal teas are a great accompaniment to white, milk & bitter chocolate made with 100% natural ingredients with no additives, not even sugar! Come indulge your taste buds with surprising combinations!

Lightness of Being, Olive Oil Tasting

One of the greatest gifts of the Mediterranean Basin to world cuisine, olive oil is not just a healthy alternative to animal fat, but a must-have source of health and well-being whether used in cooking or for medicinal purposes.

Its rich mineral and vitamin contents ensure a power boost from within, supporting everything from the well-being of skin to brain cells, fighting the signs of ageing, cholesterol and many other wrongdoings of our contemporary lifestyles. It is easy on the digestive system, meaning it is energy efficient for our bodies to access its rich contents. An effortless elixir for health and beauty, on your pasta & salads and in your mezze… Just as we would like our lives to be! Light and easy!

Come join Natural & Tasty Foods of Melek Hotels for this performative tasting where you’ll get to experience the lightness of being through the Natural & Tasty olive oils made by special olives from Aegean Region of Turkey preserved in hand-made ceramic bottles. The lightness of being starts with the lightness of eating!

Ceramic Painting by Eleni Sofroniou (Fall into London)

“Art was always with me and it helped me to create my own world using my own imagination” says Eleni Sofroniou. Her illustrations are inspired by her love of fashion, travel, spring and other joys of life. Her watercolor and ink designs and illustrations previously brought joy to the customers of Harrods to Guerlain. Natural & Tasty Foods is proud to have Eleni with us for two hours to do a live bottle painting with the Natural & Tasty Foods’ beautiful olive oil bottles. No one will be hungry for art anymore…

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