Ice Cream


In the 1960s, the Swiss restaurant scene enjoyed a ‘culinary revolution’. The chefs were inspired by a passion for gastronomy, so decided to make an ice cream that captured the imagination of everyone that tasted it. The ice cream was called Mövenpick.

As the years past, Mövenpick Ice Cream continued to surprise and delight with its imaginative flavours. It has always been one step ahead when it comes to taste and innovation. This was first seen when ripples, sauces and ‘pieces’ of fruit, caramel and chocolate were added to recipes in the 1960’s, through to today, with its innovative recipe ideas and limited edition ranges that mirror the seasons.

When developing new recipes, the Mövenpick Ice Cream Makers – or Maître Glaciers as they are often known always start with a journey to find the finest natural ingredients; a journey that takes them across the world.

Whether it’s the juiciest Alfonso mangoes from India, passion fruit from Ecuador, limes from Mexico, heritage raspberries from Chile, or handcrafted caramel pieces from Basel in Switzerland, ingredients are selected with care and focus.

Vanilla Dream – the most complex of all Mövenpick Ice Cream recipes – is a fine example of this. The Mövenpick Ice Cream Makers only use peerless Bourbon vanilla seeds from Madagascar, carefully separating each one from their pods to create an elegantly pure Ice Cream.

Mövenpick Ice Cream is always made with the finest, naturally sourced ingredients from around the world. This helps the authentic aroma of each and every ingredient shine through.


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