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“La Latteria del Sole” is a company in continuous development. It was founded by Michele Pugliese, who was born in 1898 in a town called Spilinga, situated in the province of Vibo Valentia in the south of Italy. Spilinga is today famous for the unique and original “Nduja”, a spicy and spreadable salami.

The idea of “La Latteria del Sole” came to mind to Michele during a trip he took in the Region of Campania. Since he owned many animals, he had to attend a fair in order to sell them. It was there that he saw that farmers sold their milk to a dairy figure called “casaro” (dairyman), who would use the milk from sheep and cows to produce many kinds of cheese such as: Provola, Butter, Mozzarella, Pecorino and many more. Michele was fascinated by the work done by the “casaro”, so he decided to bring one to Spilinga to teach his son Tommaso Pugliese, who was born in 1930 in Spilinga, about the production of cheese.

As a result, in 1948 together they opened the first dairy plant and shop in Spilinga called “Latteria del Sole”. However, soon after, and precisely in 1950, they moved their business to the nearby city of Vibo Valentia as it was a fast growing city which was becoming an important centre of commerce. In 1958 a large company in the United States of America offered Tommaso a job and this event enabled him to increase his experience during his 5-year stay there.

When he returned to Vibo Valentia he implemented many changes such as processing milk through the use of pasteurization. In 1979 Tommaso suddenly died, so his son Michele Pugliese, born in 1960, became the owner of the “Latteria del Sole”. At this point he decided to radically change the core family business and stopped producing cheese and only sold it in his shop with many other typical products from Calabria. In 2000 he started to introduce a diner and a pastry lab or bakery in the shop, with ready-made meals, cold and hot homemade dishes, ice-cream, biscuits, cakes made with traditional Calabrian recipes.

Now the most important goal is to conquer all of Italy and Europe by shipping our typical and excellent products of Calabria directly to the homes of our consumers, products such as: Extra virgin and Biological Olive Oil , ‘Nduja of Spilinga (the original and unique spreadable and spicy salami) , Provola and Pecorino Cheese , Bergamot products , Onion of Tropea and much more.

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