Kampot Pepper Direct


BoTree Farm, Kampot, is pepper growing heaven. Kampot’s organically grown pepper vines flourish on mineral-rich clay soils and the best possible climatic conditions. At the optimum point of ripeness, the berries are picked, sun dried and sorted by hand. Only the most perfect, undamaged grains of a rich colour and desired size are good enough to be exported as BoTree Kampot Pepper.

All of Kampot Pepper’s products are 100% organic and certified by the Kampot Pepper Association. Kampot are a family-run business growing pepper in Kampot, Cambodia and distributing from their family home in Scotland UK. Kampot Pepper is recognised as the worlds finest pepper and is the only Protected (PGI Rated) pepper in the World (rather like Champagnes of Epernay).

Kampot marries their award-winning peppers with Kampot Fleur De Sel to deliver seasoning perfection. Loved by Michelin-star chefs and gourmets the world over. Now you can season like a pro.

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