The Hot Choc Club


The Hot Choc Club are a husband and wife team and the brand was born in their living room one cold January night whilst drinking hot chocolate. Emma is a hot chocolate lover but was becoming increasingly bored at the lack of variety and quality readily available. As a result of lots of subsequent discussion and brainstorming they came up with the hot choc club; a place where hot chocolate lovers could subscribe and receive a variety of luxury hot chocolates through the post each month.

The brand has developed constantly since that cold January evening and their luxury gifts have proved very popular for all occasions but especially for unique Christmas gifts. The Hot Choc Club take immense pride in their presentation and unique style but ultimately the taste of the hot chocolate they provide is something they are very proud of. The brand have a group of 20 taste testers around the country so only the very best hot chocolate is allowed into their club and one condition they agreed from day one is absolutely no powder is allowed just real chocolate.

All of their hot chocolate is real chocolate, absolutely no powder is allowed and as a result all visitors will be able to taste test their chocolates. They will be providing samples of flavours such as hazelnut, chocolate orange, salted caramel, a variety of dark and milk chocolate blends and many more.

The Hot Choc Club will be showcasing a variety of their hot chocolates that are all available in a variety of gift and subscription products.

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