Hoogly Tea


using the finest and most indulgent ingredients. Hoogly want to spread the joy of hygge (Danish lifestyle) alongside great tea. They believe you can’t rush a quick brew, so create an extra indulgence with blends such as Apple Strudel, Chocolate Brownie, Rhubarb and Vanilla and Marzipan alongside traditional tea blends. There are 18 blends to choose from currently, with new designs always in the pipeline. Upgrade your daily cup of tea and create a little Hygge in your life.

All Hoogly products are made with natural ingredients, creating a wonderful aroma and taste. They all have an extra indulgent twist, such as the added pine needles and eucalyptus to their mint tea. For an added kick, Hoogly’s Spiced Orange is a delicious twist on mulled wine. Even better, they are all super healthy, delicious and vegan friendly, even the Apple Strudel.

Hoogly are giving away samples of some delicious blends to take home to be enjoyed at the Festive Edition of Taste of London, including Rhubarb and Vanilla, Lemon and Ginger, Sparkling White, Apple Strudel and Chill Out Mint. Come smell for yourself how good the aromas of luxury teas are.

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