Happy Mallows

Happy Mallows


Welcome to the world of the Happy Mallows…

Happy Mallows aim to provide quite simply the most sumptuous and fun array of handmade, gourmet flavoured marshmallows that will make marshmallows you’ve eaten in the past… a thing of the past. Taking only the most delicious sweet treats like Salted Caramels, Lemon meringue pie & even Bakewell tart and then refining these flavours down into heavenly feathery little delicacies. There’s a flavour for everyone!

​Happy Mallows is a family run business who pride themselves on combining a mix of the highest standard mallow craftsmanship with a fun experience…because hey, whoever made the rule that ‘gourmet’ can’t be fun! Because of this Happy Mallows aren’t your average marshmallows, as you can see, they all have their own personality creating a unique experience like no other for all marshmallow lovers; from the moment you make your purchase.

The company love and believe in their product so much and hope you will love them as much as they love making them for you.

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