Happy Mallows

Happy Mallows


Happy Mallows pride themselves on being 100% family run and 100% handmade. What started out as a dream just for Mr Mallow quickly became a dream for the whole team and a year on Happy Mallows have been to some of the biggest festivals across the UK and have been enjoyed by celebrities including Eddie Redmayne and Rosemary Shrager to name a few!

You may have also seen Happy Mallows at Luton Airport celebrating with Ted Baker for the launch of their new store. This year Happy Mallows are continuing on their squidge-filled quest to get their marshmallows out to as many Happy Mallowers as possible. Come and have a try at Taste of London and they promise to make marshmallows you’ve have had in the past… a thing of the past!

Happy Mallows offer a wide array of the most delicious gourmet flavoured marshmallows, spanning flavours like Cinnamon Churros, Salted Caramel, Lemon Meringue Pie, Raspberry and White Choc, Mint Choc Chip and many more.

Happy Mallows’ marshmallows are truly like no other. Imagine biting into a caramel marshmallow to find a gooey salted caramel centre or biting into a lemon mallow with a lemon curd centre and crunchy meringue pieces on top, it tastes like the real thing… but a little more squidgy!

Each product is carefully handmade with only natural ingredients. Happy Mallows have sold their products worldwide and they have been feasted on by celebrities. They always go down a treat! Imagine these toasted over a campfire on your summer vacation or melting on top of a hot choc to keep you warm. They are fit for every occasion and every season.

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