Greek Luxury Products


Greek Luxury Products is part of the renowned Luxury Group: they provide their unique clientele with a selected variety of premium gourmet and unique products. Their company is the exclusive wholesale and retail distributor of the first Greek Award winning Caviar Thesauri, including the exceptional Beluga, Bester, Ossetra and Baerii varieties. In addition, they provide fresh daily deliveries of white and black truffles of all kind from around Greece, as well as a series of seasonal delicatessen products selected by Greek Luxury Products for their unique customers.

Greek Luxury Products is always looking for new extraordinary products. They have numerous partnerships with the most high-end gastronomic brands, such as the renowned No. 1 Rosemary Water, for which they are the exclusive representatives in Greece and Cyprus. This unique product, made with pure fresh rosemary extract, is bottled according to the highest ethical standards and available in still or sparkling form. It is a stimulating, flavourful and tasteful way to enjoy rosemary – a medicinal herb that’s reported to contain unique anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant properties. Greek Luxury Products provide their clients with the highest quality products, such as organic honey, teas, herbs and a selection of exclusive olive oils.

At the event Greek Luxury Products will exhibit the following brands:

Ritual Bloom – Greek Luxury Products has an exclusive collaboration with Ritual Bloom, one of the best and internationally recognized companies producing olive oil. This year Ritual Bloom provides 300 numbered bottles of 100ml and 100 numbered bottles of 500ml for their special and distinct customers in a special package, that is available exclusively in their new flagship store inside the Hilton Hotel in Athens.

Entopia – The company, originally from Greece, is renowned for the traditional farming delicacies like extra virgin olive oil, vinegar with thyme, balsamic with citrus fruits among the others, pure grape syrup named “Petimezi”, natural sauces and pastes.

Greek Luxury Products – The brand is part of the Luxury Group and provides highly refined products of premium quality, able to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Exquisite Marmalades, Organic Honey, Sundried Tomatoes from Santorini and Crete, are just a few of the products provided by the company.

Thesauri – Greek Luxury Products is the exclusive official representative of Thesauri Caviar which is one of the world’s precious few companies involved in sturgeon farming and caviar production, and the only such enterprise in Greece.

Sporos – The Company Sporos Herbs is renowned for their use of innovative methods and alternative crops in the wider rural area. The products are made from selected varieties of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants which are cultivated organically, in a farm near Chaeronea, Greece.

Anassa – The company selects finest quality Greek products of organic cultivation and goods by farmers who use traditional cropping practices with the utmost respect and commitment to the land. The company has selected organic herbs in order to offer Greek herbs of exceptional quality.

The Museum of Natural History and Mushrooms of Meteora – The Mushroom museum is one of the few globally in the field. The products are derived from the forests and fields of Greece and keep their full aroma and nutritional elements due to the organic treatment used by the company.

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