Gift Rebellion


Our gift range doesn’t just say WOW, they are packed with extra kapow. It’s hard to explain – but they’re seriously impressive. We’re super excited to be bringing our chocolate bouquet and brand new plant range to Taste 2018. Think big, think beautiful, think quirky – and the best part, you can eat them (yep, even the plants – they’re perfect for cooking!). Yum.

Gifting. For many it’s a chore but for us it’s been at the core of what defines us since day one. Growing up, we lived for celebrations – birthdays; both ours and friends, our parents anniversary, Christmas and special occasions. It wasn’t about receiving a gift, it was so much more. It was about that element of surprise when the gift was opened. It was that excitement, those butterflies in the tummy, weak at the knees, jumping up and down feeling. That entire emotional connection to that simple moment in time.

As time went on, gifting became so much more than just an emotion that we felt, we wanted to share the magic with others. This dream quickly turned into reality when we opened our doors to Edible Blooms in 2005 and Gift Rebellion in 2017. Two very different brands that share a single purpose – inspiring people to gift differently. Today, we’re proudly sending moments of wow all over the world. Gifts that say ‘I get you’ and ‘I appreciate you’. The kind of gifts that give you a warm fuzzy feeling as you nailed the perfect way to express how you feel.

We invite you to join our movement and say no to boring old socks, unwanted gifts and unfulfilled promises. Do it differently by delivering smiles in a box and celebrating moments in time. Expect the unexpected and say yes to delivering gifts with difference. You won’t look back – we promise.

At Gift Rebellion we always say no to boring gifts. We’ve said no to the same old flowers, the same old empty sentiments, the same old thinking. Half a million moments of WOW later, we know we are onto something…

Our chocolate bouquets will blow your mind (literally!). A stunning chocolate display that’s good enough to eat. We use the highest quality chocolate globally to piece together an extraordinary floral masterpiece. The perfect gift for her, him or them – these floral delights are a sure winner when it comes to gifting differently.

Our never seen before plant range will officially launch at Taste of London (ooohhh ahhhh!). We don’t want to give too much away (it won’t be a surprise then), but think sassy personality on your fav greens.

We’re so excited to be combining our two loves and bringing them to Taste for all to enjoy!

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