Family Secret

Get meal solutions and world inspired sauces from Family Secret!


Family Secret produce healthy, versatile, fresh and flavoursome cooking sauces and chutneys. Not just Indian inspired flavours but also flavours from around the world. The sauces are low fat, low sugar and low calorie. They have a range that is suitable for everyone’s taste buds.

There are 7 ambient sauces currently in Family Secret’s range including Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese and Moroccan. They are all either vegan or vegetarian and gluten free. Give yourself a healthy option that packs a major punch of taste and flavour.

Family Secret are giving people ideas for meal solutions rather than just a cooking sauce. Their website will soon be full of video content with step-by-step guides on all the different recipes possible. These include healthy options such as Green Thai Chicken noodles or Indonesian Rendang Beef strips in lettuce wraps.

Their sauces have a 12-month shelf life and they are able to supply them in 2kg packs, 5kg packs or you can use their handy 300g pouches. One pouch can cook for up to 3 people.

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