Drinks in Tube


Drinks In Tube believe that premium wines and spirits should be accessible to all. The brand gives you the chance to taste, appreciate and enjoy premium alcoholic drinks by the glass, in an unpretentious and fun way. Each tube gives you a taste of something interesting and exclusive.

Wine In Tube was created in 2007 by passionate French wine growers who wanted to offer high quality new packaging (a patented glass 100ml tube) to facilitate the sampling of their wine. Drinks In Tube came across the idea in 2014 and they loved it so much, they wanted to share it, to give everyone a chance to taste great wines and spirits.

They have created a range of fine wine and spirit tasting sets. Come on a journey through the wine regions of the world, around boutique gin distilleries and discover sun drenched rum plantations; with the best reds from Bordeaux & Rhone, the finest Port from the Douro Valley, and their own personal range of spirits.

Gorgeous gins, funky vodkas, luscious cognac, or robust rums, whatever your tastes Drinks In Tube are sure you will find one of their tasting sets to your liking. Each tasting set comes in stylish packaging and is accompanied with tasting notes to give a little bit more information on the wines and spirits. A perfect gift for wine and spirit lovers or as a treat to yourself!



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