The Diforti legacy was born in 1875, in a tiny village in Caltanissetta, Sicily. This is where their great-great grandfather Michele Diforti began collecting olives from local farms and selling them across Sicily. Today, Diforti’s range of products has grown far beyond olives and includes a wide selection of gourmet Italian products, from traditional antipasto to crisp, organic wine and delectable cheese varieties. They pride themselves on their family’s delicious traditions, which are still at the heart of their business and they strive to bring the vibrant flavours of the villages of Italy to British kitchens.

From bright green olives to flavourful sun-dried tomatoes, all their products are thoughtfully sourced and carefully prepared. They work closely with farmers and manufacturers across Italy, to be able to bring you the best that Italy has to offer, and their creations – such as our basil pesto or our olive tapenade – are based on their treasured family recipes.

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