Centro de Portugal

Culinary tourism experiences and products from the Centre of Portugal


Only in Central Portugal can you find landscapes that are as unique as the timeless glacial valleys of the Serra da Estrela, one of the most enchanting corners of the world. The incredible natural parks and sublime coastline offer you the most beautiful primordial landscapes that are calling to be explored!

Central Portugal has a long culinary tradition, based on products made from techniques passed down the generations. Because life is too short to not fall into temptation, the Portuguese Culinary and Economy Association invites you to the experience the treasures of central Portugal including the noble wine regions Dão, Bairrada, Beira Interior and West, accompanied by the tastiest delicacies such as the supreme king cheese, the Serra da Estrela cheese, or the delicious Bairrada piglet. Also available are delicious fruits such as Fundão cherry, the pear-rock, Alcobaça apple or the Esmolfe wild apple.

Visit them at Taste of London: The Festive Edition to see what Central Portugal has to offer through their food, textiles, crafts and more.

This is the perfect opportunity to get inspired to visit central Portugal and experience the food and culture first hand!

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