Caviar de Neuvic


Caviar de Neuvic is a French producer of caviar, based in the famous Dordogne, in Aquitaine, France. Laurent Deverlanges, the founder is an agronomist with significant experience in agri-food industry and a passion for fish farming. The estate is situated on the banks of the Isle, a pioneering river in sturgeon farming in Aquitaine. This region is known as the heart of French gastronomy and art of living.

Caviar de Neuvic respect nature and the environment. Their fish grow in the best conditions (rich in minerals and well-oxygenated water, 100% organic food, fish density in basins kept at a minimum) to make sure they produce the highest quality of caviar.

At Taste of London, Caviar de Neuvic will be selling their caviars (Baeri and Ossetra) produced in France, served on an ice cube for a tasting or to take away.

They will also be selling their caviar butter, truffle butter and sturgeon rillettes and some sampling will be done at their stand (spread on homemade blinis).

The French brand is now available in London.


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