Create Latin America flavour in your home!


Capsicana was born out of a love of travel and cooking. Capsicana’s founder, Chilli Ben, has eaten in many true Mexican cantinas. The inspiration behind Capsicana began back in the late 90s when he was travelling with his dad in Texas. They would drive around and visit friends in cities such as Austin and San Antonio, two cities with large Mexican communities, and it was here that Ben first laid eyes on proper Mexican food. It soon became his default cuisine of choice.

Ben founded Capsicana because he absolutely loves Latin American food, particularly all the delicious varieties of chillies that are used throughout the region. Capsican celebrates the adventure of authentic Latin American flavour, and aim to inspire their customers to have fun with food and liven up their palates!

Capsicana will be showcasing the following products at the Festive Edition of Taste of London:

– Mexican Chilli and Honey Cook Sauce: Great Taste Award Winner 2017. This sauce is based on ‘Puerco al horno con salsa de chile ancho y miel’, a classic Mexican dish. The recipe features Mexican-grown chipotle & ancho poblano chilli peppers as well as honey, which has featured in the country’s food since Mayan times.

– Peruvian Chilli and Lemon Cook Sauce: This sauce is based on Peru’s ‘Ají Verde’ sauce. It uses Peruvian-grown ají amarillo chilli peppers for ‘kick’, while the lemon juice provides a tangy citrus bite.

– Brazilian Chilli and Coconut Cook Sauce: This sauce features frutescens chillies and is based on the classic Brazilian dish ‘Moqueca’ (‘mo-KEH-kah’). It’s a flavoursome stew, commonly cooked in ‘capixba’ pans that are made from black clay and mangrove tree sap.

– Cuban Chilli and Lime Cook Sauce: Featuring Habanero Chillies this sauce is based on Cuba’s famous mojo sauce. Numerous varieties of mojo can be found throughout the Caribbean. The Cuban variety is noted using citrus fruits.

Visitors will be able to engage with Capsicana products whilst on-site and will be cooking samples for you to try the sauces individually.

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