Refreshing sparkling pressé drinks


Bottlegreen have been making refreshing, clean crisp flavours for over 27 years and have always believed in creating the finest and most natural soft drinks possible.

Bottlegreen are on a quest to source the finest natural fruits, roots and botanicals from around the world to create inspiring flavours. They’re passionate about preserving the freshness of these ingredients, so all bottlegreen drinks are expertly cold-filtered delivering crisp, clean taste perfection no matter what time of day.

Bottle green have recently launched  their Sparkling Infusions – a trio of pure, gently sparkling waters delicately infused with natural fruits. With each can containing less than 50 calories, lower sugar and no sweeteners they are perfectly placed to tap into the growing healthy-living consumer trend. The 250ml slim-line can is also great to enjoy on the go making it the perfect partner to your successful, busy lifestyle.

Come and enjoy the music at the bandstand and try the new delicious bottlegreen Sparkling Infusions range.  The range of gently sparkling water infused with natural fruits consists of three flavours, refreshing coconut, raspberry and pomegranate, and delicate elderflower, designed to fill a gap in the market for premium soft drinks lower in sugar.  Bottlegreen Sparkling Infusions contain less than 50 calories per can, lower sugar and no sweeteners but still have a fantastic natural, fruity taste.

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