BoTree is on a mission to bring the finest seasonings to every foodie’s table. That’s why its ethical farm specialises in producing organic Kampot Pepper, the only pepper in the world with Protected Geographical Indication status.

If you thought pepper was only black, think again. A feast for real foodies, BoTree offers seasoning connoisseurs three types of pepper, all award-winning: Black, Red, and White Kampot pepper.

The family-run company has recently expanded its premium seasoning range to include three more must-haves for the foodie pantry: Salted Pepper Berries, Herbs de Kampot, and White Pipali Pearls.

These unique treats are perfect for your holiday festivities so head over to BoTree’s stand to know more about how to use seasoning to perfection: BoTree experts will tell you all there is to know about pepper pairings (just like wine!), pepper varieties and ideas for recipes.

If you decide to purchase BoTree seasonings, you can feel good that you are contributing to Kampot Pepper’s rich heritage. After centuries of pepper farming in the region, and winning particular favour in French restaurants, the Kampot Pepper industry was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge.

Today, a seasoning renaissance is underway, sustained by traditional farming wisdom passed down through generations. Buying Kampot Pepper products supports Cambodia investing again in its finest produce. BoTree honours this legacy through their commitment to environmental stewardship, ethical employment, and donating 10% of profits to the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

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