Borough Broth Co.


Borough Broth Co. has been producing the finest organic British bone broths on the market since 2015. Like so many good ideas, the company was born out of a genuine need for a product that simply didn’t exist. Seeing a lack of quality bone broths on the market, founder Ros Heathcote, an avid home cook herself, started making bone broth in her own kitchen.

While the business may have grown since then, the company remains uncompromising when it comes to its core values. Borough Broth Co. is committed to authenticity, provenance, sustainability and flavour, and works closely with organic British farms to source their bones – a natural by-product of the meat industry. Never ones to skimp on quality, they guarantee a high ratio of bones to water, and use no hidden nasties: just whole, natural ingredients, cooked with time and love.

The concept of bone broth is simple and has existed from time immemorial: bones, vegetables, aromatic herbs and seasoning, simmered in a pot. Borough Broth Co. pay homage to ancestral wisdom by simmering their organic broths low and slow, drawing out every last drop of flavour and nutrients from a handful of simple ingredients. There’s nothing like a bowl of honest broth as a remedy for these fast-paced times!

Borough Broth Co will be offering delicious hot samples of their Free-Range Organic Chicken Bone Broth and their Grass-Fed Organic Beef Bone Broth at the festive edition of Taste of London.

Their Free-Range Organic Chicken Bone Broth has been described as comforting, warming, savoury, enticing, aromatic, peppery… it’s a delicious stock base to use in home cooking or to sip straight from a mug. Cooked low and slow for 24 hours in spring water, it has a wonderful depth of flavour, and was awarded two stars in the Great Taste Awards this year!

Borough Broth Co’s organic Beef Bone Broth is made with 100% grass-fed beef bones. It’s an aromatic and savoury broth, seasoned to perfection. An absolute favourite addition to gravies and casseroles, or equally delicious enjoyed in piping hot in a cup with a squeeze of lime. Slow-cooked for a solid 24 hours, it’s rich in nutrients and full of umami goodness.

Borough Broth Co will be running a competition to come up with flavours for their future broth products at the festive edition of Taste of London. If you’d like to see your own broth recipe made into a product, be sure to pay them a visit during the festival, and maybe you’ll see your recipe in pouches on supermarket shelves!

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