Biltong Bros


Biltong Bros was born out of an obsessive love for South Africa’s most famous snack, created by twin brothers Rudi and Chris.

The brothers were born and raised in South Africa, and having emigrated to the UK during secondary school they relied on the occasional family member to smuggle biltong in luggage on the odd visits to the UK. After hunting out the very few South African shops in London to get their occasional biltong fix, they discovered that the treat was not readily available at a high quality, or at a reasonable price. The over-commercialised biltong rarely available in supermarkets just didn’t have the same homemade, authentic flavour they were used to in South Africa.

The brothers embarked on creating their own biltong drying box in South London, sourcing the best meat from a local butcher and making their own seasoning to get the best taste. Experimenting with interesting flavours, as well as the trusty traditional flavours, the brothers shared their treats with friends and family who loved the taste and craved more. Biltong Bros was born- a philosophy built on homemade, premium quality biltong to the masses where there is no compromise on taste or excellence.

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