Basque Country by Ibérica



The Basque Country in northern Spain is home to three beautiful cities, each with a distinctive character; Bilbao is known for the Guggenheim museum and its architecture; San Sebastián is famous for its gastronomy and Vitoria-Gasteiz is recognised as the European Green Capital. All three cities are located approximately an hour away from each other and can be easily accessed from one another.

In the Basque Country it is possible to enjoy haute cuisine in miniature in any of the many bars dedicated to the Basque gastronomical experience. The Basque Country is a must for any foodies. Because the Basque Country is renowned for its remarkable cuisine, visitors can choose between the vibrant atmosphere of cider houses, enjoying traditional pintxos (local tapas) at local bars or trying some of the best food in the world at one of the many outstanding Michelin star restaurants. Although gastronomy is a trademark of the Basque Country, a key role is also played by its wine.

A trip to the Basque Rioja region is a must for all wine lovers where over 50 wineries specialising in the Tempranillo grape variety can be found. Once in the Basque Country, visitors can take the opportunity to visit the coast and taste the little known Basque white wine, Txakoli (pronounced chack-oh-lee), a slightly sparkling, young and fruity white wine that matches perfectly with grilled fish.


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