Bakit send you baking kits with everything you need to bake a beautiful cake. High-quality ingredients, perfectly measured out. And because the first bite is with the eye, Bakit send you what you need to decorate it, so your cake will not only taste delicious but look beautiful too. They teach you all the techniques you need with step by step illustrated recipes, so you can learn new skills while you “Bakit”!

No hassle, no waste, just cake. Homemade, by you.

Bakit will have 3 baking kits available for purchase during the festive edition of Taste of London: a delicious Chocolate and Hazelnut Torte with caramelised hazelnuts, a gorgeous Christmas Cake with frosted winter fruit decoration that you can start making this weekend, and a zesty lemon meringue cake. All of them will fill your kitchen with delicious baking smells, and teach you a thing or two along the way!

Visit Bakit’s stand to sample cakes and take a look at their beautiful kits. And as there are so many delicious cakes to choose from, Bakit would like your input to decide on the next few recipes! So tell tme about your favourite cake, your gran’s secret recipe or the one cake that you have always wanted to try, and see if it makes it into the boxes…

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