The first and only British grower and producer of cold pressed high pressure processed pure juice, B.fresh grow as much of the produce as seasonality and climate allow. They press only the freshest produce on their farm in Shropshire.

The cold process they use ensures that higher levels of the naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients are retained than when using traditional pasteurisation methods. Taste profiles are left untouched and so the result is fresher, delicious tasting juices that are as close to home made without the mess and clearing up afterwards!

Consumer health and wellbeing are at the core of the development of recipes at B Fresh. Their aim is to produce delicious juices that are lower in natural sugar than the mainstream offer, and have a higher mix of nutrients and vitamins due to the large inclusion of vegetables and leafy greens. This produces juices that are pure, smooth and have no additives, stabilisers or water added; all at under 100 calories per bottle!

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