Simon 'The Butch' Taylor
"If a chef's stove is their piano then the block is where I make my music."

Simon Taylor, normally referred to as 'Simon the Butch', began a career in butchery at the age of 13...

25 years later, he’s still working the same traditions, albeit with some modern twists: “it’s never been hard to get well-farmed, slaughtered and butchered meat wrong and I try to keep it that simple”.

Vice captain for Team GB’s British Beefeaters, Simon competes internationally, with both competitions in the UK this year and in Sacramento 2020 at the World Butcher's Challenge. 

Simon’s shop, Surrey Hills Butchers, is multi-award winning and holds the title of 'Butcher Shop of the Year Awards' for the South of England, 2018.

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