Omar Shah & Florence Mae Maglanoc
Omar Shah, Chef and Proprietor at Bintang, Guanabana and Ramo Ramen

Omar Shah was born in London but lived in the Philippines for a small part of his childhood, where he fell in love with the food. Growing up working in Bintang his family restaurant, he realised that the representation of Filipino food in London was lacking, so after taking over the family business and opening another successful restaurant Guanabana, he decided to venture into the world Filipino ice cream. The aim was to create a dessert parlour that will promote Filipino dessert to the masses.

Partner and baker Florence Mae Maglanoc has been baking traditional Filipino desserts since an early age taught by her mother. She was born in the Philippines but raised in different parts of the UK, her sweet tooth for desserts and strong background in Filipino food this has helped her to create signature desserts for Mamasons, such as the famous BILOG a hot pandesal (traditional Filipino milk bun) ice cream sandwich filled with Dirty Ice cream and coming up with their baked specials that combine Filipino flavours with traditional western desserts such as the Ube filled doughnut!

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