Masha Rener
Masha Rener, Head Chef at Lina Stores

Growing up in a remote valley on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, Masha Rener spent her childhood at her parents’ agriturismo surrounded by Nature, farm animals and home-grown food. From an early age, Masha spent a lot of her time in the kitchen with her mother, who ran the restaurant and taught her everything she knows about cooking, ingredients and produce. Growing organic fruit, vegetables and herbs as well as planting vineyards to produce wine and olive groves to create her own olive oil, Masha’s experience in food has always been very hands-on. This has shaped and influenced her cooking immensely with seasonality, quality of produce and simplicity being common themes in her recipes.

Having moved to London to experience living in a metropolitan city far away from the hills of Umbria, Masha had fallen in love with Lina Stores when she was a young Italian in London searching for authentic, high-quality Italian produce. After returning home to take over her parents’ organic farm in Umbria, she remained a close friend of the Lina Stores family. It was only when she sold her restaurant in Italy that she decided to head back to London to head up the kitchen at Lina Stores – 51 Greek Street.

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