Gabriel Pryce
Gabriel Pryce, Chef at Bodega Rita's

Gabriel Pryce is a chef and co-founder of Rita’s with 10 years hospitality experience alongside some of best in the industry such as Brawn, Marksman, Brat, Estela (NYC) and Lilia (NYC).

Growing up between London and New York, Gabriel brought his wealth of knowledge in the cuisines of the Americas to Rita’s in 2012, quickly garnering a reputation for legitimate, considered, globally-influenced food with a focus on locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients and engaging, authentic guest experience.

Gabriel has been influential in spearheading modern casual dining in London, highly regarded both for his approach to humble, traditional dishes such as tacos, fried chicken and sandwiches as well as more refined dining experiences such as dinners with Ombra, Som Saa, and an award winning dinner with Angela Hartnett.

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