Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong

Born and brought up in London, Andrew Wong has been immersed in the world of restaurants since childhood. His grandfather, who moved to London as a Chinese refugee, owned pubs in the East End and a restaurant in Chinatown. In 1985, Andrew’s parents opened a Cantonese restaurant, Kym’s in Pimlico, named after Andrew’s grandmother which is now the present location of the Michelin star restaurant A. Wong. Andrew opened his second restaurant, aptly named Kym’s, at Bloomberg Arcade in 2018.

Despite spending a large proportion of his younger years at his parents’ restaurants, where he worked both in the kitchen and front of house, Andrew was encouraged to pursue an academic career.  He left school to study chemistry at Oxford University and then anthropology at the London School of Economics.

At the age of 22 Andrew’s father died, which proved to be the catalyst for turning his focus back to an integral part of Wong family life: the restaurants. Determined to assist with and build on the family business, Andrew enrolled in a London culinary school where he specialised in classical French cookery and culinary science. Technically accomplished, but dissatisfied with his knowledge of true Chinese cuisine, he left London and set out on a working tour of China. His first move was to Qingdao in Shandong province studying at the Sichuan Culinary Institute, before gaining more practical experience in banqueting and the specialized techniques of Chinese roasting. Then onto Beijing to the ancient skill of traditional Peking duck, before heading to Hong Kong and its famous Cantonese dim sum.

Bursting with inspiration from his travels and fascinated by how food in China differed so dramatically according to region and culture, Andrew opened A. Wong – the A paying homage to his parents Albert and Annie – in 2012 with his wife Nathalie. Since opening, Andrew and his team of chefs have introduced diners to the cross-cultural delights and incredible variety of Chinese cuisine.

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