Virasamy Poliah



Virasamy Poliah was born and raised in Taiping, Perak in Malaysia. He began his career at a young age. He left school and started working at his mother’s restaurant and his cousin’s street food stall, where he developed his love for Malaysian and Indian food. He has always been passionate about learning to cook different types of cuisine by exploring the world and experience their food cultures.

Following this, Vira moved to Thailand and worked in a Thai local restaurant where he got inspired by his creativity and learnt to cook Thai, Chinese and Malaysian cuisines with spices that give balance, detail and variety of taste in his dishes. He then worked in the Sheraton Hotel as a chef de partie where he got to enhance his skill in specialised oriental cuisine.

To follow his dream, he decided to come to London, the city where food combines a mixture of International flavours. He started his London journey at Awana Restaurant, one of the most famous Malaysian restaurants located in the heart of London. He was looking after the Roti theatre where the Roti live performances he was showing there had become one of Awana’s highlights.

His hard work, his talent and skill were discovered by the Mango Tree Group. He joined Mango Tree Group in 2007 and became the head chef of the group and he was responsible to manage all of the groups’ restaurants.

Vira was once invited by the Italian celebrity chef, Gino D’Acampo to his British TV cooking programme, to feature the making of Teh Tarik. Vira is now the head chef of Papparich, promoting and sharing Malaysian and Malay-Chinese cultures with its authentic cuisine.

His signature dishes include Roti, Satay, Curry Laksa and Nasi Lemak. He will never forget his origins, hard work and dedication he put in to be where he is today.

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