Tom Anglesea

The Laughing Heart

The Laughing Heart

Head Chef of The Laughing Heart, Tom Anglesea is known for creating unfussy yet accomplished contemporary small plates inspired by his global travels. Placing solid supplier relationships at the heart of his cooking, Anglesea uses only the best hyper-seasonal produce; combining these with techniques and flavours discovered around the world.

Opened in October 2016, The Laughing Heart encompasses a wine shop, wine bar and restaurant where Anglesea oversees a tight-knit kitchen team. Promoting a developmental environment, Anglesea encourages collaboration between his chefs – exchanging inspiration and techniques as each day’s menu evolves from the available produce. Taking a craft-based approach, the team make their own butter, bread, miso and puff pastry, while in the pantry, an array of fermenting produce can be found.

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