Sam Kamienko


Sam Kamienko is originally from Melbourne, Australia and has been cooking since he was 18 years of age.  Sam started his cooking journey at Grossi Florentino, an Italian restaurant in Melbourne under Guy Grossi. From here he completed his apprenticeship with Andrew Mcconnell at his small moderEuropeanan restaurant 3,1,2 in Carlton. Andrew later went onto open a string of restaurants in Melbourne.

Sam left Melbourne after completing his apprenticeship and found himself knocking on the door of The Anchor and Hope (Gastropub) in Southwark, The Cut, London. He worked at The Anchor with a fantastic brigade who all have gone of to do great things within the hospitality industry. It was here Sam really learnt the philosophy of simple food.

Sam then travelled to NYC and worked in various restaurants including Le Bernardin, Eleven Madison Park and Gramercy Tavern. Although NYC has an amazing restaurant scene and culture, Sam was really drawn to returning to Europe and fulfilling a dream to work in Paris and took a job at Le Verre Vole.

Sam became involved in Ellory after meeting Matthew Young at The Anchor & Hope years before and working side by side again at Mayfield’s. Matthew opened Ellory with Jack Lewens and enticed Sam back to the UK to work as his sous-chef, sadly he departed about 8 months into the opening of the restaurant.

Sam was then offered the role of Head Chef at Ellory, an amazing opportunity to define his own style from all that he had learnt on his travels. Ed Thaw joined in as a director, tasked with the plan to turn Ellory around and into something driven by raw passion, a fete that succeeded thanks to the entire team’s hard work and culminated in Ellory winning a Michelin star in 2016 and retaining it in 2017.

The food at Ellory is driven by spectacular seasonal produce with a respect to simple cooking philosophy ”an assembly of beautiful ingredients on a plate.”

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