Niklas Ekstedt



Niklas Ekstedt, Swedish chef/restauranteur of Stockholm’s Michelin-starred Ekstedt restaurant, had a bold, primal yet radical return to ancient cooking harnessing the power of an open fire and with no use of electricity or gas to heat ingredients. Weith innovative recipes and techniques Ekstedt has had a profound impact worldwide. His early training at El Bulli in Spain and Charlie Trotter in the USA has helped ensure his culinary creativity burns bright. On Christmas Day 2016, Ekstedt opened wine café Tyge and Sessil.

Author of six books, Ekstedt published Food from the Fire in 2016, his first with a British publisher and Happy Food in Sweden at the back end of 2017. His publishers were overjoyed to see Happy Food at the top of the book sales charts. It has now been sold around the world with an English translation expected later this year. In the UK Absolute Press won the bidding war for the book.

Ekstedt is renowned in Nordic countries for his long-running Swedish food and travel TV series Niklas Mat and has appeared in many other shows globally. Ekstedt himself is the Nordic culinary star on fire who has put Stockholm’s exploding food scene on the world map. Last year, Niklas Ekstedt completed filming as the host for a new series of the American show called New Scandinavian Cooking. This series will be broadcast first on the PBS network. He will also appear on a new show called Four Hands Menu this autumn. This super glossy food series will be pushed out by the Netflix equivalent streaming service Viaplay.

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