Mathew Carver

The Cheese Bar

The Cheese Bar

Mathew initially studied Furniture design at Kingston University, followed closely by a job in design, however, felt that a life behind a computer wasn’t for him, so gave it up to work making and selling pies at Glastonbury and many other UK festivals. Having caught the bug for hospitality he continued honing his skills on the festival scene, before helping set-up a small pie and mash restaurant in Covent Garden called Battersea Pie.

After 3 years Mathew decided it was time to start up his own business, travelling around Hawaii and the States for research, and whilst he was there developed a serious addiction to grilled cheese sandwiches. Upon returning to the UK and with an old ice cream van sat outside his house ready to be used he decided there was only one way to go, spending the next 3 months working at a bakery learning about bread and baking, and reading everything he could find about British cheese.

It was then he met an unhappy baker named Alex, persuading him to give up his day job to devote himself to a life of cheese, and together the pair set up the Cheese Truck stall at Maltby Street market. Soon after, they were taking their van on the road to festivals around the country and world including the Arabian Dessert, dedicated to educating people on British Cheese.

Two years, and 20,000 tonnes of cheese later they decided it was time to put down some roots; Mathew set up a crowdfunding campaign to pay for their bricks and mortar project, aiming to raise £100,000, concerned they wouldn’t hit the target in the 30 days, however they smashed targets in just five days raising a total of £130,000. 2017 saw Mathew open The Cheese Bar in Camden Market, where they continuing to champion British producers and upcoming new producers specifically from London with a menu that includes some old classics from the truck, alongside some new cheese-focused creations.

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