Mathew Carver



Founder Mathew Carver started The Cheese Truck after a stint in the US, where he was inspired by their vibrant cheese scene, and the way they celebrated their artisan cheeses through inventive pairings and dishes.

Originally trained in furniture design, he got bitten by the hospitality bug and gave up the 9 to 5 for a life of food and drink. He went on to manage various food businesses, from restaurants to event catering, over a ten-year career, before starting The Cheese Truck. He’s now a vocal advocate for British cheese, which has seen him speak at events around the UK, and judge at both the Great British Cheese Awards, and the World Cheese Awards.

Since returning to the UK, he’s dedicated his life to drawing attention to Britain’s best cheesemakers, both via the cult classic grilled cheese at The Cheese Truck and, more recently, through the creative dishes at The Cheese Bar.

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