Gonzalo Luzarraga


Born in Chile to Italian and Spanish parents, the influences of these two great gastronomic regions resonate strongly throughout Gonzalo’s dishes. Luzarraga spent much of his early childhood on the move; living in Chile until the age of four, before moving to Switzerland, where he lived for three years. Living in multiple countries before the age of seven, Gonzalo considers himself something of a culinary nomad.

During college holidays, he completed stagieires in various restaurants throughout Italy and America, but it was the rigour and detail in Michelin star kitchens that most appealed. By the time he graduated, his evident talent and promise had secured a position as Commis Chef under Alain Ducasse at Le Louis XV in Monaco, where he remained for three and a half years, ultimately attaining the position of Chef de Partie. From there he returned to Piedmont and 2 Michelin star Flipot as acting head chef, before a move to Le Clivie as head chef, retaining its Michelin star.

In 2012 Gonzalo moved to Russia to work as executive chef at Ekaterinburg, where he remained for 2 years. For the first time, he was given free reign to develop and create his own dishes and menus with whatever equipment and resources he needed to succeed, and as his language skills improved, a confident, culinary style started to emerge.

He revelled in the creative freedom Russia had afforded him and now set his sights on running his own restaurant. Well aware of the time demands this would incur, and with his appetite now whetted for cooking in a different culture, he decided to travel and spent the following eighteen months, using his cheffing skills to fund a tour around South America, China, Europe and the Maldives.

Returning to Europe his search began in his favourite cities of Paris and London for the perfect site to combine all the experiences he had acquired to date and open his restaurant.

In 2016, the chance of a site in the leafy neighbourhood of Parson’s Green in South West London became available, and after a major refurbishment, he finally opened his own restaurant.

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