Fei Wang

Sifi Fei Wang joined Hutong, the acclaimed Northern Chinese restaurant located in the Shard, as head chef in January 2017. Originally from Chengdu – the capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province, Fei introduces a style of Sichuan cuisine that draws inspiration from the best of his culinary travels across China. A cuisine grounded in complex flavour combinations and techniques, Fei has dedicated many years to learning the skills required to create authentic, Sichuan dishes. In traditional Chinese culture, the term ‘Sifu’meaning ‘master’, is given to those who have earned a wealth of experience in a skilled trade. At just 36 years old, Sifu Fei takes the reigns at one of London’s leading Chinese restaurants.

He began cooking professionally at the young age of 16, after undertaking work experience in a local Sichuan kitchen. Upon discovering a natural flair for the craft, Fei began exploring the Sichuan style, learning about spices and traditional Chinese recipes. In 1995, he attended the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine in Chengdu, before going on to train at the Sichuan Hotel for three years as chef de partie. After taking on the role of sous chef at Huayuan Hotel for two years, he decided to move away from hotels and was appointed head chef at Hong Yun, a Sichuan restaurant, where he remained for six years.

Next, Fei wanted a change of pace and to experience living and working in another country. Inspired by its diversity and excited by the opportunity to introduce his Sichuan style to an international audience, Fei decided to move to London.

In 2017, Fei joined Hutong as head chef. Fei’s skill and expertise bring a new dimension to Hutong’s already authentic and inspired menu, blending traditional dishes and contemporary takes on classics from China’s fascinating northern regions.

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