Danny Tu

An expert in the fragrant flavours of Asian cuisine, chef Danny Tu will be joing at Taste of London: The Festive Edition this year.

Chef Danny Tu was originally born in Vietnam to Chinese parents, and spent the first few years of his childhood living in Fujian, before moving to Hong Kong at the age of 8. From a very young age, Tu showed a genuine love of cooking, often helping his parents in the kitchen of their small family-owned Asian café.

After moving to England with his family, Chef Tu left school to begin working full-time in Chinese restaurants. Having developed a fascination with the art of making Dim Sum, Chef Tu joined a renowned Chinese fine dining restaurant as a Dim Sum chef, where he was soon promoted to Head Chef, after showing a real flair for working with delicate pastry, and a genuine passion for the authentic dishes he was creating. During his time there, Tu opened up many restaurants, and also spent 2 years working in Hong Kong and China for the food research and development department.

Chef Tu joined the Mango Tree group in 2010, opening the Mango Tree Harrods Dim Sum bar in 2011, and Chai Wu in 2015. While working in Harrods, Chef Tu has developed a number of the group’s signature dishes, including wagyu puff, dragon fruit sweet and sour chicken and gold leaf Chilean sea bass dumplings. His creativity in the kitchen, combined with a talent for cooking traditional, delicate Dim Sum, has helped him to create an innovative menu, which explores the clash between East and West in a new and exciting way.

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