Each year we ask you to share your favourite Taste of London dish with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels using the hashtag #BestTasteDish. The winning dish is announced at the end of the festival, and you are entered in into a prize draw to win dinner at the winning restaurants.

Our 20 Taste restaurants eagerly rose to the challenge of producing the #BestTasteDish during this year’s Taste of London: The Festive Edition. We have counted and verified all entries and we can reveal the winner is *drum roll please*…

Taste Of London Festive Edition 2016

Oldyroyd‘s sensational porcini & chestnut risotto, truffle mascarpone!

Honourable mention goes to runners up Tredwell‘s crispy cod cheeks, kimchee & buttermilk dish and Kurobuta‘s octopus donuts.

Take a look at some of the other incredible dishes that were served at this year’s festival. WARNING: this will make you hungry!

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