THÜROS are a Family run (2nd Generation) Barbecue Grill manufacturer

THÜROS are a Family run (2nd Generation) Barbecue Grill manufacturer who specialise in charcoal fuelled stainless steel grills and smokers. Based in Thuringia, the "green lung" of Germany, the grills are beautifully designed and built to be last. THÜROS' "Grillkultur" / Grill culture means users are encouraged to grill all year round no matter what the weather (even in the harsh Thuringian winter).

At Taste of London THÜROS will have their extensive range on display, including the T-Line of garden grills. From their best selling T1 Tabletop grill, right up to the larger T4 grill. They will be demonstrating how their modular system of accessories works so you can customise your own grill as well as showing off the grills in action - cooking over hot coals!

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At The Festival

Taste of London is THÜROS' first major UK festival and the chance for visitors to experience first hand why THÜROS are renowned as the best made grills available. As well as seeing their showcase grills you'll be able to get your hands on one yourself and experience their modular system, with the THÜROS UK team on hand to answer any questions.

We'll also be featured at the Smoking Masterclass with guest chefs so keep an eye out for that to see the grills really put through their paces, as they were meant to be used.