Sandeman Port

Sandeman White Port and Tonic is a secret aperitif from Porto enjoyed on the banks of the river Douro.


It's refreshing, crisp and a lower ABV alternative to other aperitifs. Sandeman is also the most award winning Port in the world. Interestingly the white grapes from which it's made, come from particularly sustainable practices meaning that having more than one leaves you guilt free!

At our botanical bar you'll be able to pick out your own aromatic herb to go with our recommended orange slice to garnish your drink. You'll also be able to try some aged Sandeman twenty year old Tawny Port for the Port connoisseur.

Come and join the Port Fort!

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At The Festival

Sandeman Port have been around since 1798 but today we are putting a spin on a classic and are hosting an botanical bar where you can select a garnish from our garden of delights for your White Port and Tonic!