Pic's Peanut Butter

Pic's signature is our freshly roasted full flavoured Hi Oleic peanuts that give our peanut butter it's award winning taste.

When Pic first discovered sugar in his beloved spread, he had an epiphany: to make the stuff himself. “It was beautiful! A million times nicer than the stuff I’d got used to,” founder and chief Peanut Butter maker Pic Picot said. And the UK agrees with Pic;s winning 5 Great taste Awards. Having tasted peanut butter from all over the world we know our peanuts are special.

Grown under the Queensland sunshine in rich volcanic soil, they contain more good fats (just like your avocado and olive oils) than regular peanuts, as well as a hit of plant-based natural protein and dietary fibre Combine the best ingredient with our craft for expertly roasting peanuts and a unique grind, one squish for crunchy and two for smooth, we know we have a peanut butter that is made for more than spreading on toast.

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At The Festival

Aside from tasting London’s finest peanut butter, Pic’s is holding a Peanut Butter Amnesty. Any Taste attendee can bring a jar of ordinary peanut butter in exchange for a fresh jar of Pic’s Crunchy 380g.