The Orchard Project

Not many beverages can claim to be upskilling the local community and rescuing London’s neglected fruit at the same time.

We encourage Londoner's to donate their unwanted apples and help community orchards to harvest their surplus fruit which we then turn into our delicious Local Fox Cider. In return we give back cider, tools and training to help those who donate to care for their trees.

In terms of the product, Local Fox is a full juice, wild fermented traditional cider made from desserts and cookers, and is fermented slowly over winter in small batches. The end result is a super tart and refreshing cider that celebrates London's unique apple harvest which includes many important heritage varieties. Come and say hello, find out about upcoming cider making days, and enjoy a truly unique and sustainable drink.

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At The Festival

Find out where your nearest orchard is and try our iconic London grown and London made Local Fox Cider -its dry, astringent and super tart.

We also have our fruity cider cocktails to satisfy your tastebuds from elderflower & passionfruit to toffee apple and wild strawberry.