Niche Alcohol Supplies

Niche Alcohol Supplies is a family business with an exciting array of small batch crafted artisan spirits from around the World...

Sourcing outstanding products globally from independent distilleries, all of which have their own unique stories & sharing these products through our pop up stalls, retail network & distribution is our passion.

GIN EVA award winning small batch crafted gins distilled to perfection by Stefan and Eva on the Mediterranean Island of Majorca / Mallorca with handpicked local botanicals & produce. La Mallorquina Olive gin winner of the Worlds best signature Botanical gin 2019 & GIN EVA Signature gin winner of the Contemporary gin in the Craft Distillery expo.  At the same distillery in Majorca Stefan & Eva produce craft Liqueurs under the Artisan Spirits label. taste Majorca in a bottle.  

ORVIGNAC Artisanal matured brandy crafted in Aussenkehr where the unrelenting Namibian desert meets the mighty orange river. Orvignac is a warm amber colour with hints of smokey oak and a rich velvet texture on the palate. 

DECISION vodka, born from the excellence of craftsmen through their knowledge of the French terrain, led by its aromatic delicacy, with a hint of Bison Grass and Tarragon. Taste as a lunch time tipple or Luxurious cocktail.

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At The Festival

Revel in rare gins, liqueurs, vodka & Ovignac brandy by delving into tasting these amazing spirits and learning about the amazing creations and how best to enjoy the various drinks & cocktail mixers. Stop by for fun, great taste and to learn more.